Information…..pass it on!


One of the pivotal scenes in the movie ‘Wayne’s World’ happens when a security guard (Chris Farley) shares information with Wayne and Garth about the exact location of a wealthy music investor, Mr. Big. This information comes at a key point in the movie for Wayne, allowing him to try to win back his love, Cassandra.

I thought about this goofy movie scene today as I was reading an article posted by a favorite speaker/author of mine, Tim Sanders. Mr. Sanders’ article talks about the benefits of connecting people with others. His article is primarily focused on sharing contacts, but I want to extend his idea to sharing information — not necessarily confined to contacts, but knowledge that can help others as they pursue their goals in life.

I love the idea of sharing information – so much to the point that I probably share too much information. My view is that people are smart enough to decide what information they want to filter in or what they want to filter out. By other people freely sharing their knowledge/contacts/tips, it can help others piece together what might be useless as a standalone piece of information, but could be a key component of a new idea/end product that was just dreamed up.

Thankfully, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easy to share information and make new connections with others. Who knows what next great idea will be triggered by a random social media post? An even more exciting thought to me is  — what if a great idea is inspired by something I shared? What a wonderful possibility 🙂