Dancing at work – why not?


I recently changed jobs. I am still working at the same company, so it might not seem like a big change to someone who does not work there, but it really is a big change for me. I’ve spent the last 19 years working primarily in the technology field, building a large knowledge base about tax software. I’ve left technology entirely in my new role, so in many ways, I feel like a new employee, learning new responsibilities and meeting new people. It is a bit scary, but I feel mostly excited about the new perspective it has given me.

Some of you reading this may be fans of late night TV in the US, so you are aware of the job change made by Stephen Colbert. While I liked his old show, I am absolutely captivated with how he starts his new show. Here is a recent example:

He is obviously having fun with his new job, so I’m taking this as an inspiration for myself each day. I don’t always dance, some days I skip a little. Making sure I start my day with a little bit of silliness is never a waste of time. Hope all of you find time to squeeze in a little ‘dance’ into your workday (even if you look like Elaine on Seinfeld.)

Check back in with me in another month, if I’m still dancing at the start of my workday, maybe I’ll post a clip of it here!