Cricket – the other sport played with batters and innings


Before this trip, all I know about cricket is that it was sort of like baseball. Since baseball is my favorite sport, I figured it might be fun too. My plans for learning about cricket during my trip were simple – go watch a match or two. Little did I know that not only would I watch several matches, I would end up participating in one. The rules of the tournament required 2 women on each team, one of the teams with my India colleagues only had one woman show up. That meant I was drafted. Despite my protests that I had terrible coordination and did not know the rules, I was part of the team.

My worries were unfounded, it was a great time and even though the only run that I contributed to was one when Annapoorna hit the ball and we had to run to each other’s side of the pitch (the crease). My swings were mostly air, but a few practice swings did connect. As far as my fielding contributions, well, we won’t go there. CricketmatchSundayThis trip is turning out to be full of unexpected things – today’s match was definitely a high point.  I did something that I never imagined I would do and had fun despite having very little idea what I was doing. Sometimes knowing nothing (but trying anyway) is when you have the most fun and end up making good friends.

I’ll add a final note that I learned that Stan the Man Musial died shortly before Sunday’s game – can’t leave that out since he is one of the legends of the Cardinals baseball history. I wore my Cardinal shirt today at the game, luckily I had packed it for the trip.

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