It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia (but hoping it will be in Greece)


I just finished the first leg of my family’s trip to Greece, waiting in the Philadelphia airport to catch our next flight to Athens.IMG_1215

It is very cloudy outside, we have about 6 more hours until our flight. The first thing that strikes me at the start of a vacation is the realization that there is nothing that ‘I have to do’ right now.

No work waiting for me, no possibility of going for a jog, no access to a washer for laundry, so I just have to figure out how to amuse myself. I’ve already talked myself silly with my daughter during the first flight, she’s occupied watching a movie now on a Kindle. Sean is doing work and Patrick is on his phone. So I am writing the first entry in the travel blog.

Finished it it 10 minutes. Now, how to occupy the next 5 hours and 50 minutes? I’m powering off the laptop, will see what I can find to do 🙂

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